About the Authors

Alchemy of Becoming Diane Karen


Sometimes the right two people come along to do something extraordinary. This is our story. We have come to understand our relationship as destined in the Karmic tradition. When looking back we see with great clarity the call to this work. Neither of us believe the Alchemy of Becoming would have been realized without the very alchemy of our relationship. Upon reflection it is the magic of both our personal and professional attributes coming together at the right time. It is the magic of synchronicity.

We have a deep respect for who we are individuated and as such honour our respective strengths and vulnerabilities. We have learned through both. We have grown together and in our own right through the collaboration of this work. We both have a strong connection with higher guidance, the indispensable subtle life force as the “real” authorship of this work. This work is channelled from the continuous stream of “downloads” received and given form through the transmission of words. Indeed, it was understood that we were to be the bridge bringing information from the higher guidance to a form accessible to all. The methodology as gifted stands on its own, designed to empower all who choose this journey.

As fellow journeyers, we have experienced this empowerment. We have gone through every step of the methodology and have experienced its undeniable transformation to higher levels of consciousness. We have gone through the highs and lows of breaking down our beliefs, attachments, and resistance to embrace greater truths of who we are, what we are and how we are meant to serve. Actually we are both still “becoming” and now understand that “becoming” is a wondrous and perpetual state. Through our own experience we can attest that no two journeys are the same; certainly ours were not. Our journeys to this day remain remarkably unique yet complementary. We can attest that the journey is quite magically calibrated to our individual needs and pace for growth.

We are ever so grateful to have each other. It has taught us that while the journeys are individuated, you need not travel alone. While you are supported every step of the way through your own connection to higher guidance, there is comfort, even necessity, in finding “earthly” mentors. In finding a community you are likely to travel further. Rest assured that once you embark on a spiritual journey you become a beacon to others who are quietly seeking. There is no need to proselytize. For those whose time has come, it simply happens.

We both understand and appreciate that there are many paths, and this methodology is but one. We are humbled by the now many who have supported and continue to support this particular methodology. There is in fact a growing community of “AOBers” and this website has been created to support this community and to honour its diversity of voices. We are all learning from each other.

The realization of The Alchemy of Becoming series has and continues to be a momentous undertaking and privilege for both of us. The greatest investment we can make for ourselves and for the future of humanity is in each of us, in our own way, being a seeker of higher consciousness. We are destined to find our true purpose in higher consciousness as being “divinely human”. It is the master key to our evolutionary destiny.