Personalized Food Guide

That you are a “soul with a body, not a body with a soul” is a fundamental concept introduced in the Dissolution Stage at Level 1 – the beginning of your awakening. It changes how you think about life; our soul being eternal with our body being the vehicle by which we experience and learn in each incarnation.

There is a subtle message buried in this quote that drives some to believing that the body is a dense entity that holds back our soul’s growth, and must therefore be shed in order to transform and ascend to higher realms. In Level 2 the concept of the trinity of Body, Mind and Soul is introduced, with each aspect being of equal and critical importance. The interlude between Fermentation and Distillation in Book 2 addresses this very topic and you may have noticed that the quote accompanying the picture for Dissolution has changed to “You are a soul with a body AND a body with a soul”. This should be viewed not as a contradiction of the original quote from Ankush Modawal, but as a new truth that has emerged with higher consciousness. Your body is of vital importance and it must be nurtured to stay in lockstep with your level of consciousness.

One of the rather surprising learnings in this journey is that as frequency rises and your ability to self heal grows, your body actually demands more care, more nurturing, more love. If you think of your rising frequency as light, a light that increases in its intensity and scope, your body must increase its wattage to house that energy. This care must embrace both the metaphysical through the strong mind/body connection, and the physical requirements of vitality – what we put in and on our bodies, exercise, fresh air to breath and spending time in the natural environment. When we falter, our bodies will send us clear messages manifesting in bodily upsets, aches, pain and illness. The next time you experience one of these messages, ask yourself “what is my body telling me”? How do I best respond?

Part Three of Book 1 “Applying Higher Guidance to Everyday Life” encourages you to use higher guidance to customize a regimen that works for you. We are all different in our genetic, biological, chemical, and cellular makeup so what we need will differ from anyone else. Our choices, if made for our highest good, will support your continued growth and rise in consciousness. If you skipped that part in your Level 1 journey, go back and remind yourself that you have this power.

One of the tools that we are now making available to you on this website is the Food Chart. This concept was originally developed by Lise Gauley RN and formatted digitally into chart form by Julie Barrette. The use of the chart ensures that our likes and dislikes (our thinking minds) are filtered out so as not to influence the results. Using the sway, there are four basic questions that will guide you through this process:

1. What are the things I should eliminate from my diet?
2. What are the things I should reduce in my diet?
3. What are the things I am missing in my diet?
4. What are the things I should increase in my diet?

You should feel free to add any foods or supplements that may be missing or part of your cultural palate that are not covered. Just add them to a category, or create a new one. Make this your own! And don’t forget to re-do this periodically as your body adjusts to this customized regimen.

If you are not confident doing this on your own, there is a fee based service that we can offer. Please contact Karen at