The Luminaries & Visionaries

Book 1, “Being of Truth”, references past and current Luminaries and Book 2, “Being of Love”, references the Visionaries of our times. Luminaries light the way forward and Visionaries map the way forward. Both are indispensable to our journeys, informing and inspiring our journeys. The great works of Luminaries and Visionaries are honoured for their contributions in the many fields they represent. Many come from the scientific field showing us that science and spirituality are finally converging. Others are healers bridging the realm of energy healing with western medical knowledge and practices. Still others are mediums and channelers with extraordinary gifts of seeing and communicating with other dimensional realms, bringing forth messages of hope and teachings for humanity. The richness and depth of these works is accelerating the shift to our evolution in greater consciousness. Indeed all of these brilliant works have the concept of consciousness as fundamental to reshaping our understanding of our history, our present and our future.

What is listed in the ‘References and Attribution’ section of “The Alchemy of Becoming” books has informed the methodology. However, there are so many other works awaiting our exploration and even more in the process of being written or shared through other mediums. We are all benefiting from this vital and fast emerging community stretching our minds and reshaping the understanding of our purpose and connection to a holographic cosmos.

What they also share is an understanding that humanity is at a shift point in our evolution. Being conscious of our consciousness brings great responsibility and accountability for the choices we make individually and collectively. We are ‘authoring’ the story of our future through every choice. We are causal. We matter greatly. There is a sense that we are here at this most auspicious of times – the tipping point between the evolution or devolution of our species. 

These works have all informed the methodology gifted in “The Alchemy of Becoming” series. The works are woven together quite magically. You are invited, indeed encouraged to dive deep into these works. Some will resonate with you more than others and others will resonate later in your journeys. They tend to take on greater significance once read, put aside, and then once again re-read or re-watched as the case may be. They also may lead you to other works not referenced in Books 1 or 2 and you are encouraged to explore further to enhance your journey of becoming.


Dr. Bradley Nelson — “The Emotion Code”

Pam Grout — “E-Squared”; “E-Cubed”

David R. Hawkins, M. D., Ph.D. — “Power vs. Force”

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. — “The Biology of Belief”; Inner Evolution Series (Gaia)

Dr. Joe Dispenza — “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”; “Becoming Supernatural”; Rewired Series (Gaia)

Donna Eden — “Energy Medicine”

Bill McKenna — “The Only Lesson”

Jude Currivan — “The Cosmic Hologram”; “The Eighth Chakra”

Dr. Barbara De Angelis — ‘’Soul Shifts”

Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett — “A Course in Mastering Alchemy”

Dr. Theresa Bullard—Mystery Teachings Series (Gaia)

Anodea Judith — “Eastern Body, Western Mind”

Olympia LePoint — “Answers Unleashed”

Michael A. Singer — “The Untethered Soul”; “The Surrender Experiment”

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith — “Life Visioning”

Vishen Lakhiani — “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”

Culadasa (John Yates PhD), Matthew Immergut, Jeremy Graves — “The Mind Illuminated”

Rob M Williams — “Psych K The Missing Piece/Peace of Your Life”

Richard Gordon, Chris Duffield PhD, Vickie Wichhorst, PhD – Quantum-Touch 2.0 The New Human


Barbara De Angelis, PhD — “the Choice for Love”

Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist — “A New Science of Life”, “Morphic Resonance:
The nature of Formative Causation”

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, and Steve Bhaerman — “Spontaneous Evolution”

Franklyn Sills — “Being and Becoming: Psychodynamics, Buddhism, and the Origins of Selfhood”

Barbara Marx Hubbard — “Conscious Evolution”, “Emergence”, “Legacy”
with Barbara Marx Hubbard (Gaia)

Ervin Laszlo — “The Intelligence of the Cosmos”, “Cosmos” co-authored with Jude Currivan, PhD, “Legacy with Ervin Laszlo” (Gaia)

Ken Wilbur — “A Theory of Everything”, “Integral Life Practices”, “Integral Meditation”

Yuval Noah Harari — “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”

Nassim Heramein — “Quantum Revolution” Gaia Original Series

Paul Selig — “Beyond the Known: The Kingdom”

Steven Johnson — “Emergence”


Lee Harris — “Energy Speaks”

Brené Brown — “The Gift of Imperfection”

Gabrielle Bernstein — “Super Attractor”

Elkhart Tolle — “The Power of Now”; “A New Earth”

Eben Alexander — “Proof of Heaven”; “Living in a Mindful Universe”

Oprah Winfrey — “The Path Made Clear”

Belinda Womack — “Lessons from The 12 Archangels”

Jon Kabat-Zinn — “Wherever You Go There You Are”

Neil Donald Walsch — “Conversations with God”

Madisyn Taylor—DailyOm


Regina Meredith—Open Minds

Gregg Braeden—Missing Links

Theresa Bullard—Mystery Teachings

Joe Dispenza—Rewired

Randy Vertenheimer—Quantum Effect

Caroline Myss—Sacred Power

Bruce Lipton—Inner Evolution

Sue Morter—Healing Matrix

Transcendence—Extended Interviews

Legacy—Barbara Marx Hubbard; Ervin Laszlo

Nassim Haramein – Quantum Revolution